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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news"." >> another hot night around the area as we deal with a heat wave that could last into next week. a live look now over center city philadelphia courtesy of skycam3. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. today's temperatures were high but fortunately the humidity was not. meteorologist justin drabick is in our weather center with a first look at the forecast. that was at least some good news justin. >> exactly. lack of humidity makes a huge difference. it was bearable to be outside. this is day number five as you go all the way back to tuesday where we hit the low 90's. a of research high 87. again we're well above that. yesterday and today coming in at 90 degrees probably the same deal tomorrow. it's going to be close but i think we have a good shot at reaching 90. 70's, low 70's in some of the suburbs so it's really not that bad once you get out of the city. 83 degrees at philadelphia
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international airport. low 70's in allentown and in reading. humidity still on the low side. nice breeze coming off the land. still on the mild side at the jersey shore and delaware beaches. ocean city still checking in at 80 this hour. stone harbor 77. rehoboth beach 76. some rain is impacting the delaware beach right now. i'll show that you on storm scan3. but the wind direction notice the arrows pointing off to the east. that means a west to northwest wind. that's a drier and cooler wind so the dewpoint temperatures are still somewhere on the low side. 50's and still some 60's indicating a much drier air mass than what we were dealing with the past several days earlier this week. there are the thunderstorms in sussex county delaware moving along the delaware beaches right now rehoboth dewey beach seeing heavy rainfall right now. they just issued a flood advisory. everybody else is dry. we'll see a few clouds through the overnight. sunday morning here are your temperatures around 70 for philadelphia, then surrounding suburbs going to be in the 60's even low 60's in allentown and berks county so not a bad start to your
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sunday. we'll rebound nicely though. 90 degrees for the afternoon high for philadelphia, mid 80's at the shore, 80 at the poconos. we'll talk about relief in the seven-day forecast. we'll show you when in a few more minutes. natasha back to you. >> justin thanks so much. the victims of a deadly crash in bustleton are remembered tonight. two teenaged girls an 20-year-old man were killed when police say the car they were in hit a tree on red lion road and sand meyer lane wednesday night. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson takes us to a very emotional vigil for the victims. >> reporter: heartbreak beneath the branches. >> it is a hard time but we must have the courage to deal with this. >> reporter: at the base of this tree where three young lives were lost, saturday dozens came to say goodbye by transforming the scene into a memorial. there silence only punctuated by sadness. >> to give us the courage and the support that we need. >> reporter: police say their car a 2007 acura was
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traveling in excess of 75 miles per hour late wednesday night along sand meyer lane in bustleton. the car hit a curb, lost control and was cracked opened. two girls 17-year-old sabrina rhodes and yvette gonzalez were ejected and killed. 20-year-old felipe hernandez also died at the scene. the driver of the vehicle walked away and later reported to the hospital with injuries. hernandez's grandfather a deacon called eight moment to reflect. >> we need to show our young people how dangerous this is. >> reporter: police continued to investigate what happened that night including the possibility of a second vehicle that may have been present during the crash but for now under this tree -- >> mothers and fathers people who lost their kids, you know, it's just -- it's difficult. >> reporter: there was a fifth person in that car a young 17-year-old man also taken to the hospital with
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critical injuries suffering head trauma and still recovering and then police continued to search for the drivers of a second vehicle they say they saw on surveillance video they hope to interview the occupants of that vehicle as well. reporting tonight from bustleton, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> a 10-year-old boy is hospitalized tonight after police say he was shot by a 17-year-old in delaware county. it happened about 1 o'clock this afternoon at the corner of west ninth and ingall streets in chester. police say the boy is in stable condition and the 17-year-old is now in custody. it's still not clear what led to the shooting. >> officials in zimbabwe meantime have suspended hunting of lions leopards and elephants in certain areas after the killing of cecil the lion. as cbs correspondent wendy gillette tells us the american dentist who killed cecil remains in hiding. >> reporter: the killing of the majestic cecil outside a
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wildlife preserve in zimbabwe outraged animal activists and lit up social media. cecil was hit with an arrow then shot to death allegedly by minneapolis area dentist walter palmer. researchers had studied the lion for nine years and it was wearing a gps tracking collar. on saturday the zimbabwe parks and wildlife management authorities suspended bow hunting and tightened all hunting regulations outside the park. and it launched a crackdown to weed out what it calls undesirable elements. >> hunting of lions leopards and elephants in areas outside the park have been suspended. >> reporter: one of dr. palmer's guides gave an interview to their telegraph saying i was devastate at the. i could not have seen the collar at night. i should have taken it to parks i admit that. so we did what had to be done and we took the head and skin as the client had paid for the trophy. researchers say about a dozen lions in the area were illegally killed in the past few years. no one was ever caught.
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zimbabwe's environment minister said its country is seeking the extradition of palmer to face charges. >> at this moment in time there's no formal extra decision that is binding on the united states. >> reporter: palmer has been in hiding for nearly a week as protesters rally outside his closed dental practice. wendy gillette for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, the wreckage found this week that could belong to missing malaysia airlines 370 has now arrived at a french military base for further analysis. the wing flap was found washed up on a french island. on wednesday experts will analyze the wreckage for signs of where it originated and what caused it to break off. officials say even if it is from the plane there is still no guarantee they'll ever find the black box. a funeral for bobbi kristina brown is held in suburban atlanta today. friends and family gathered to remember the daughter of the late singer whitney houston and singer bobby brown. evidence of ongoing fighting between the two families
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erupted during the private service. brown died on sunday at the age of 22 nearly six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. brown will be buried on monday in new jersey right next to her mother. septa meantime says all of its transit officers will be wearing body cameras by the end of the year. septa is expanding a pilot program that was launched last year outfitting some officers with the cameras. officials say the program has gotten positive feedback from the public. many believe the recording devices will help protected their rights. body com as also help police streamline investigations. and today residents in southwest philly learned all about the importance of fire safety. about 200 residents got free smoke alarms installed and learned about the dangers of fires. it's all part of the no more fire deaths campaign, a partnership between the red cross and philadelphia fire department. the goal is to eliminate
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fire-related deaths. >> we experienced a lot of tragedy in this city but we've also had a lot of successes. fire deaths have been down consistently but they're still not at our goal, zero. people don't have to die in fire and the best way not to die is to get that early alert and to get out. >> since june, this campaign has helped install more than 500 smoke alarms in high risk neighborhoods. a new mural in center city displays some of the great of the names in phillies history along with the team's iconic moments and some of the players future in the mural along with the fans all gathered today for a special dedication. we were there earlier to catch up with all the excitement. >> two one go phillies. (applause). >> at eight stories, 3700 square forecast it's one of the largest murals in philadelphia. and what it represents even bigger. >> phillies are my passion and
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to see my heroes here today and then to pass it along to my son its a great day. >> more than a half decade in the making the mural unveiled saturday is a visual tour of phillies franchise history featuring 30 players frozen in their most epic moments. >> it captures our love of the game and it's a symbol of our passion, our determination and our shared history. >> the mural now hanging high above the walnut street bridge now another bill grim match for fans tourists and citizens who appreciate the intersection of two things that define philadelphia: big baseball and bold art. >> it's beautiful it's better than i even had hoped. i love it. love the phillies. >> it is beautiful. the mural took more than five years to complete after having to clear safety guidelines with the city. all the fans that we spoke with today say it was well worth the wait .
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>> well, you just saw part of the winter's tale being performed at clark park in west philadelphia hundreds came out to watch local actors in the shakespeare performance. it's the tenth anniversary of the shakespeare in the park series. tomorrow is the show's final performance. make sure you get out there. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight scientists believe they have cracked the code to wipe out the ebola virus once and for all. find out the results of this groundbreaking trial. plus a robot hitchhiking around the country is destroyed right here in philadelphia. we've got the very bizarre story coming up. justin. >> we are still cranking up the heat in the next few days but there's relief in the seven-day forecast. i'll show in you a few more minutes. >> coming up in sports cole hamels takes the mound for the first time in his career for a team other than the phillies. i can't believe it. pat gallen has highlights coming up. stay with us everyone.
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>> welcome back. a hitchhiking robot on a cross country journey has met its end right here in philadelphia. this is hitch bot it's a social experiment designed to see how humans would interact with the robot. word of hitch bot's location was shown on social media and drivers would bring it place to place. that came to an end last night in philly when someone spotted hitch bot and vandalized it. the vandals sent a picture to the hitch bot team but they say they can't track their creation's location because its battery is dead. now after 15 years of development and $400 billion, the new f35 firefighter jet is finally combat ready. the u.s. marines have a squadron of f35's fully operational. other military branches will follow suit later. the f35 was supposed to be ready three years ago but it had a series of expensive and
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time consuming setbacks. the program is expected to run up a bill of more than trillion dollars over its lifetime. scientists meantime they have taken a huge step toward eradicating the ebola virus. an ebola vaccine trial was reportedly 100 percent successful. the trial involved more than 4,000 people. it was conducted during an outbreak in guinea. nearly 28,000 people have contracted ebola in west africa since march of 2014. more than 11,000 have died. and firefighters in california are still struggling to contain a series of huge fires across the golden state. one firefighter has died, hundreds of residents have been forced to evacuate their homes as thousands of crews continue to battle the flames. what you're seeing here is video of the rocky fire. one of the larger fires that burned more than 22,000 acres. high temperatures and gusting winds are making it even harder to contain that fire.
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now, you know it's hot in texas when the heat shatters glass. federal highway safety officials they have now received hundreds of complaints about shattering sun roofs and in some of these cases the sunroofs broke while cars were moving sending small pieces of glass flying into drivers and passengers. federal regulators they're investigating this problem. boy, that is scary. >> now you have to worry about hail now you have to worry about heat. >> we don't have texas heat. >> we're not dealing with anything like that. no shattering of windows across the delaware valley. >> thank goodness. >> going to be hot for the rest of the weekend. i don't hear too many complaints out there. i guess the humidity is somewhere on the low side. maybe we're just used to it. let's take down to the shore. live look at atlantic city right now as we zoom into the pier there and nice weekend on tap across the jersey shore. good first start to the weekend and a repeat once again tomorrow, we'll be in the sunshine, comfortable temperatures highs in the mid
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80's, nice breeze coming off the water. take a trip down to ac, enjoy the afternoon tomorrow. let's talk about the month of july. it ended on a hot note but over all for the month when you average all the temperatures we're only 1.1 degrees above average. if you remember back early in the month right around the fourth of july we did have some cool days. we could use in rainfall. we're below average for that, 1.19-inches below. highest temperature was 95 degrees. we hit that twice in the month of july. our heat waves so far this year, this is number three that we're dealing with. the first one came in late june 21st through 23rd. we had another three day heat wave july 19th through 21st. now we're dealing with at least five days, we hit the fifth day today and potential to go eight days with this current heat wave. it's going to be close tomorrow. i think we have a shot at reaching 90 degrees. how many 90 degrees days so far this year? we're at 19 now. we're starting to stack up. back in 2010 that was a hot summer.
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we had 55 davis 90 degrees or higher. 83 at the airport but surrounding suburbs actually starting to feel pretty good. we're in the lower and mid 70's with somewhat low humidity levels and look at that state college pittsburgh in the 60's this hour. we're not going the see this cool air moving into philadelphia but some suburbs will drop into the 60's through the overnight. we are dry on storm scan3. the exception is down just to our south in sussex county delaware. we had strong thunderstorms rolling through moving off shore dewey beach rehoboth beach bethany beach and it did prompt a flood advisory with that slow moving thunderstorms but things should improve over the next half hour to hour down along the delaware beaches. i'm going the call it pleasant tomorrow. hume levels low but still hot and then we turn steamy for monday. that's when we'll see our next best chance for a shower or thunderstorm but enjoy the high pressure over us right now. if you have outdoor plans that means mainly sunny skies for your sunday. monday more humid. here's that front that could
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trigger off a shower or storm mainly late in the day. tomorrow morning looks good into the afternoon lots of sunshine in our forecast. monday some clouds start to build late in the day. it's late afternoon-evening we'll see the threat for scattered showers maybe a thunderstorm. hitting the ballpark tomorrow, why not, phillies are hot right now. 86 degrees in the sunshine that first pitch against the braves 1:35. overnight mostly clear comfortable 70 for center city, 60's in the suburbs. hot day on sunday but still not humid, mostly sunny skies with a high near 90. here's the shore forecast. 84 degrees in the sunshine. water temperature drops a little bit. we're in the 60's right now off the coast of atlantic city. u.v. index is hot so make sure you wear the sunblock. here's the extended forecast. keeping it in the low 90's through tuesday. then we break the heat. thursday our coolest day lower 80's but that's going to come with clouds and some rain. you have to pay the price there. we need the rain. >> hanging onto the 90's. >> yeah. >> thanks justin. appreciate it. pat gallen's got lots of
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sports highlights. >> crazy week rolls into the weekend. it has been a crazy week with the trades. now the philadelphia eagles have made one of their only i'll tell you who is out. and cole hamels debuted for the range
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oh my gosh, it's the guy from last night. what?! can i jump on your wi-fi? yeah, you can try it. hey! i had a really good time last night. yeah, me too. the only thing is that... the only thing is what? what's the only thing? oh my gosh he's married. he's a kleptomaniac. he's a pyromaniac. he's a total maniac. hey! hey! go back to your wife you sociopath!
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leave slow internet behind. the 100% fiber optics network is here. get out of the past. get fios. now $79.99 a month. go online or call now. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> ♪ >> all right. pat it's tough to see cole hamels not in a phillies uniform. >> it really is weird to see him with that texas t instead of a phillies p. letting go of a three time all-star and continuing the building process was probably the right thing for the phillies to do but it doesn't make these pictures of cole hamels any easier to look at. here is cole hamels in his
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first start with the rangers rocking a different shade of red. started this game with two no hit innings. however in the third the giants strike. it's brandon belt a two run home run to center field. and no hit bid well over by that point. hamels not his best and went seven and two-thirds gave up seven hits and five runs. he leaves to a nice ovation from his new fans and that's a standing o in the tenth. seven-seven. pat burrell hanging out for alumni weekend shooting hot dogs at human beings and carrying a purse. the phillies remain red hot. they cannot be stopped in the fourth. cameron rough unloads a monster home run. that puts the phillies up five-two. odubel herrera it goes upper deck. that makes it six-two. part of a five run sixth inning. freddy galvis a three run home run. the phillies win 12-two over
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atlanta. their 12th win in the last 14. chase utley begins a rehab assignment tomorrow in lehigh valley. eagles training camp begins tomorrow but chip kelly was not satisfied with his roster. he made a move tonight trading cornerback brandon boykin to the steelers for a conditioner fifth round pick. boykin stated publicly in june that he was tired of not starting so he finds his way out the door. he could get his wish in pittsburgh as a starter. drafted in the fourth round back in 2012 but doesn't quite fit the clip mold of lamper defensive backs that can be moved around the definite. looks as though he eric row will be in line to start for the eagles. perhaps the biggest signing of the union took the field tonight as barnetta made his debut against the red bulls. he played in germany's top league in.
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one-nothing new york. to the 73rd minute. leto rockets home the tying goal. that's his 50th in the mls. one minute later brothers don't shake hands brothers got to hug. the write-phillips brothers connect. sean assisting brother bradleyly red bulls up three-one. winning the triple crown not you enough for american pharaoh to sit back and relax. he's running in the william hill haskell invitational in monmouth park the the race purse worth $1.7 million. phillies own boxing star danny garcia winds in a ninth round tko. 31 and zero. >> nice. >> that is awesome. thank you so much. appr
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>> well, need a way to cool off in the summer heat? the ice bucket challenge, it's back. [cheers and applause] >> that's refreshing. district attorney seth williams dumped a bucket of water on his head in love park today all to raise awareness in the fight against als. he was joined by members of the city council, some other friends and kevin glen a person with als who inspired williams to take the challenge for a second year in a row.
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>> good that people see it. good that people do it. it's more important that people understand the disease and that people contribute to help find a cure. >> i challenge pope francis but if he can't to it then i challenge my good friend the district attorney of cumberland county dave freed. >> i'm thinking dave is probably going to be the one taking that one on. it's a deadly neuromuscular disease that has no effective treatment or cure. last year the ice bucket challenge raised more than $115 million. we're coming r
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>> a denver audio bookstore has a rather unusual mascot. it's speedy the the turtle. there he is. she is that is. speedy what happens around greeting customers really loves to climb on top of their shoes. owner dawn hulk found speedy 10 years ago in the backyard and that's where speedy has been living in the bookstore ever since. i was moving at speedy's pace earlier. it was the heat i tell you. okay, what's happening here. still 90's there still hot. humidity is not really that bad so again not too bad to finish off the week. 90 degrees. we're in the sunshine so at least it's dry. monday it turns humid, we're at 93. that's going to be the hottest day of the seven. back to the 80's starting wednesday. thursday low 80's. best chance of rain. >> summer freeze. thank you so much for joining us. i'm natasha brown for pat justin all of us here we appreciate you being with us. if you're up early join our morning team at 6:00 a.m. and we're always on
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